Our vision and values


Our vision: 

We will work with the Barnet population to improve health and well-being.

Our values: 

We are:

  • Courageous and challenging
  • Open and respectful

 We demonstrate:

  •  Leadership and accountability
  • Quality and value 

We will:

  • Listen and respond to the people of Barnet

Strategic priority areas:

In 2016 Barnet CCG’s Governing Body confirmed a set of strategic priority areas. These are as follows:

Improve health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities

  • Work effectively to maximise the local NHS’s contribution to local health and wellbeing. We are here to improve people’s health, reduce health inequalities and promote prevention and early intervention to support local people to maximise their personal health and wellbeing.
  • To do the above effectively, we will engage with and strive to understand the needs and wants of local people and communities.

Provide value and live within our means

  • Commission a comprehensive range of health services in ways which are cost-effective and accessible, make the best use of public resources, be responsive to local needs and promote the health and wellbeing of local residents. We are committed to living within our means through the exercise of value-driven, outcomes-based commissioning.

Enhance quality

  • To ensure that the services we commission are evidence-based, follow best practice and are of a demonstrably high quality. We are committed to enhancing quality, patient safety and patient experience.
  • To encourage and enable improvements in the services are provided, developing local services which help people access the care they need in the most appropriate settings by skilled professionals, applying innovation and leading-edge technology where appropriate.

 Be excellent

  • To continually seek improvement in all we do, welcoming challenge and embracing innovation as a learning organisation.
  • To be a good employer and a good place to work, supporting the development of our staff and providing an open, supportive, learning environment. We will look after and develop our workforce.
  • To strive to be the best in all we do, promoting the reputation of Barnet CCG as a leading-edge commissioning organisation – a commitment to excellence.

 Be clinically well-led

  • To ensure that service delivery and development is informed and shaped by clinicians, acting on behalf of GP members and the local public.