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NHS Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to putting the voice of local people at the heart of everything we do. The services that we plan and buy should be based on the needs of our local residents and focus on the priority issues for our community. We will not be able to achieve this successfully without involving patients, carers, local people, voluntary and community groups, Healthwatch Barnet and other partners. In addition, local people will feel a sense of ownership of the health services they use when they have been involved in planning and designing them. It’s all about engagement.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with the CCG that enable you to choose the ones that best fit with your own interests and time commitments. We can provide information in alternative formats, such as easy read or large print, and alternative language. If you do attend one of our meetings, we can provide signing and language interpreter if it is required. We have outlined the different groups and ways you can be involved and have your say below, remember you don’t have to be ill or a regular user of health services to have your say:

Attending public meetings and engagement events
You can stay up to date on future meetings on our Homepage.

Governing Body meetings
The meeting also provides an opportunity for the local community to speak with the leaders of our organisation.

Telling us your experiences via a 'patient story'
At our Governing Body meetings we present patient stories to our senior teams so that they can hear the first-hand experiences of our patients and communities. These stories paint a true picture of patient experiences whilst using one of our local services. If you have a patient story you would like to share, please email barccg.communications@nhs.net and you can also share your stories via Twitter @Barnetccg or Facebook.

Join your GP practice’s Patient Participation Group (PPG)
PPGs are typically made up of a group of volunteer patients, the practice manager and one or more of the GPs from the practice. They meet on a regular basis to discuss the services on offer, and how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice. For more information about how to get involved with your practice's PPG, ask your GP practice receptionist who will be able to help you.

We use your feedback on local health services to determine where they are working well or where improvements are needed. Barnet CCG and its partners will offer training in effective ways of gathering feedback from patients to PPG members and to support them to be a voice for their practice. In February 2020, we are holding training sessions for PPG chairs and members who have volunteered to help us gather views on a review of orthopaedic services taking place across north central London. 

Take part in local and London-wide consultations
Your views during a consultation is important to us, it allows us to decide if the proposed change meets the needs of our local community. 

You can submit any questions that you may have via our ‘Contact us’ page.  

The CCG regularly share engagement opportunities, tips on how to stay healthy and more on our social media platforms. You can follow us on Twitter @BarnetCCG or Facebook for regular updates.

Feeding back to you

Patients make significant contributions to shaping our work. We aim to demonstrate the difference patient involvement makes and give feedback to those who contribute. There are a number of ways in which we feed back including attending community and patient group meetings and through our online channels. You can also see your feedback and suggestions come to life in some of our work, such as our patient services leaflet and GP surgery information screens.

The way we engaged throughout 2019-20 was shaped largely by feedback we had been given on activity from previous years. For example, we were told that attending meetings and events was a more effective way of engaging than holding our own large-scale events where people came to us.

Throughout the year we have attended meetings at Healthwatch, Local Authority Involvement Board, the Pan-Barnet Patient Participation Network community fairs and other health events such as a hub connections mental health event.

These opportunities provide a platform for people to give us feedback on engagement. A Healthwatch manager told us, “In terms of creating trust and accountability and allowing useful conversations to take place; nothing beats a member of the CCG in attendance at an event  to listen and talk to organisations and the public on work ongoing and where things are going well or otherwise. It has been very helpful to have members of the communication and engagement team routinely attend events and have named individuals that the sector can develop relationships has been very helpful.”

In addition to external feedback we also have four patient representatives on our Patient and Public Engagement Committee who give a patient voice to the planning of our approach to engagement and involvement. Summaries of these meetings are published online.

If you would like us to attend one of your patient or community meetings, email barccg.communications@nhs.net