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NHS Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to putting the voice of local people at the heart of everything we do. The services that we plan and buy should be based on the needs of our local residents and focus on the priority issues for our community. We will not be able to achieve this successfully without involving patients, carers, local people, voluntary and community groups, Healthwatch Barnet and other partners. In addition, local people will feel a sense of ownership of the health services they use when they have been involved in planning and designing them. It’s all about engagement.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with the CCG that enable you to choose the ones that best fit with your own interests and time commitments. You don’t have to be ill or a regular user of health services to have your say. We have outlined the different groups and ways you can be involved and have your say below

Attending public meetings and engagement events
You can stay up to date on future meetings on our Homepage.

Governing Body meetings
The meeting also provides an opportunity for the local community to speak with the leaders of our organisation.

Telling us your experiences via a 'patient story'
At our Governing Body meetings we present patient stories to our senior teams so that they can hear the first-hand experiences of our patients and communities. These stories paint a true picture of patient experiences whilst using one of our local services. If you have a patient story you would like to share, please email barccg.communications@nhs.net

Join your GP practice’s Patient Participation Group (PPG)
PPGs are groups of patients that can represent the patients of a practice. We use your feedback and from PPGs about local health services to determine where services are working well or where improvements are needed. For more information on how to get involved in this group, please ask your GP practice receptionist where they will be able to assist you.

Take part in local and London-wide consultations
Your views during a consultation is important to us, it allows us to decide if the proposed change meets the needs of our local community. 

You can submit any questions that you may have via our ‘Contact us’ page.  

The CCG regularly share engagement opportunities, tips on how to stay healthy and more on our social media platforms. You can follow us on Twitter @BarnetCCG or Facebook for regular updates.