We are committed to involving patients, carers, residents, community groups and the public in our decisions to buy, develop and improve local health services for people in Barnet.

Barnet CCG regularly plans engagement events and opportunities to ensure that local residents are able to provide feedback on our services. In addition to this, we also promote other engagement consultations and opportunities from partner organisations that affect local residents.

If the CCG is looking to make changes to a contract for an existing healthcare service - for example: changing the location of a service or changing the delivery of a service, we will look to the public and service users for their views on the proposal. This is what is referred to as a public consultation.

We plan our involvement work knowing what our statutory obligations are.

Obligations under section 242 of the 2006 NHS Act

The obligation to promote public involvement and consultation is set out in section 242 of the NHS Act 2006 which states:

(1B) Each relevant English body must make arrangements, as respects health services for which it is responsible, which secure that users of those services, whether directly or through representatives, are involved (whether by being consulted or provided with information, or in other ways) in:

  • The planning of the provision of those services,
  • The development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way those services are provided, and

Obligations under the Health and Social Care Act S14Z2

Each clinical commissioning group must, in the exercise of its functions, promote the involvement of patients, and their carers and representatives (if any), in decisions which relate to:

  • the prevention or diagnosis of illness in the patients, or
  • their care or treatment.

During the process of developing any proposal to change existing services, we carry out assessments to identify how our proposals could potentially affect our local residents. We will provide you with a document explaining proposed changes alongside a questionnaire that residents would have received in the post. You also have the option to complete the questionnaire online as well as email further comments or questions if you do not want to attend a public meeting for the consultation. All questionnaires are available in different formats and languages upon request.

After collecting data, the results from the questionnaires are analysed to produce a consultation report that the CCG will take as part of the evidence before making any final decisions.

All materials relating to any consultation that we hold are available here. We make it a priority to encourage people to share the information with their contacts so as many people as possible get the opportunity to be get involved. This includes sending out information to our stakeholders and locations within Barnet, writing to our Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) alongside local voluntary sector and patient support groups.

For more information on consultations or if you wish to receive a consultation documents in other formats, please email or call 020 3688 2299.