Improving planned orthopaedic surgery for adults in north central London

On 13 January 2020, a consultation which asks for people’s views on the future of planned orthopaedic surgery for adults in north central London was launched.

Hip and knee replacements are the best-known kinds of planned orthopaedic surgery offered in the NHS, followed by other surgery of hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, feet, ankles and hands. At present, waiting lists are too long, too many operations are cancelled (many on the day) and demand for surgery is growing. This is driving the need for change.

The consultation asks for views on a new way to organise these services, which, if approved would create two partnerships for planned orthopaedic care – with University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and Whittington Health working together, and The Royal Free London Group (Royal Free, Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital) working with North Middlesex University Hospital.

These partnerships would offer two NHS hospitals with dedicated operating theatres and beds, for patients who need to stay overnight after their operation – Chase Farm Hospital and University College London Hospital, a choice of NHS hospitals for those needing day surgery and a choice of NHS hospitals for outpatient appointments. Patients would have appointments with a named surgeon and their surgical team, who would stay with them throughout their care, regardless of where it takes place.

Other improvements would include education classes for patients to help them understand their operation and what to do to support their recovery, rehabilitation support for patients after their surgery and care coordinators to support patients with conditions such as dementia or a learning disability to understand their care and where it might take place.

On launching the consultation, orthopaedic surgeon and clinical lead for the review, Professor Fares Haddad said, “In our proposals, we have committed to giving patients access to the latest developments in orthopaedic care. I believe that our proposed plan for the future is a good one, which offers the best solutions to the challenges the NHS faces today. I hope you will agree.”

You can give your feedback on the proposals in a number of ways, including the online questionnaire and attending an event. The consultation can also be contacted by calling 0808 1567192, or emailing:

A consultation document and summary has been published to explain the proposals in full, which is available at: