Engagement opportunities

Have your say in Barnet...

We hold regular events and community groups where local residents are able to get involved in our work and have their say. We also hold open public meetings throughout the year which looks at existing issues that are affecting patients and CCG commissioning. Barnet CCG regularly share engagement opportunities on our Twitter account and our Facebook page. You can follow us on Twitter @BarnetCCG or Facebook for regular updates.

What happens with your feedback

When you take part in a consultation or focus group or offer general feedback on our services, this information is reviewed analysed and the findings are taken into consideration by those who make decisions about how services in the borough are planned and run, mainly our Governing Body or one of its committees. 

One of our committees is a Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee and part of its remit is to offer reassurance to the Governing Body that public involvement is carried out effectively. Three of the committee members also sit on the Governing Body. At every governing body meeting, a summary of the PPE Committee is presented. You can download these summaries on this page. 

In January 2020, the Governing Body held a meeting with the Communications and Engagement team to review patient and public involvement in 2019-20. They had the opportunity to ask questions about specific pieces of work, approaches to engagement, how we use patient feedback and make suggestions for the future.

Attendees, including the Chair of Barnet CCG confirmed that they were satisfied with the CCG’s patient and public involvement throughout 2019-20 and made suggestions about how we can maintain standards of engagement when we merge into one NCL CCG in April 2020.

Communications and engagement staff based in the borough will make sure there is a Barnet voice when developing services so do continue to get involved.