Patient Participation

Join your GP practice's Patient Participation Group

According to the National Association of Patient Participation, Patient Participation Groups are “generally made up of a group of volunteer patients, the Practice Manager and one or more of the GPs from the practice.”  The Patient Participation Group should meet regularly to discuss the services provided by the GP practice and how these can be improved for the benefit of patients and the Practice.” Feedback and information from PPGs about local health services can be used by us to determine where services are working well or where improvements need to be made.

Working in partnership with CommUnity Barnet, the CCG has funded a part-time member of staff to support both patients and practices in developing PPGs in Barnet.  Follow this link for more information. 

If you would like to get involved, please ask your GP practice receptionist or Practice Manager if your practice has a Patient Participation Group. You can also find out more from the National Association for Patient Participation.

The CCG has established a patient participation steering group whose aim is to support GP practices and local communities to build their capabilities for public involvement and engagement. We are currently offering training to patient participation group chairs and others who have offered to assist with gathering views as part of our consultation on orthopedic services.   

Give feedback on our services

Commissioners at the CCG receive regular progress reports from providers of services as part of their contractual commitments. These reports contain feedback from patients on how well the services are performing and suggestions as to how services could improve.

It is very important to the CCG to be assured by providers that patients are given the opportunity to help shape the services they provide and this is monitored on an ongoing basis. Some examples of this can been seen in the download to the right.

If you have the opportunity to give feedback on the services you receive, please take the time to do it or give direct feedback to the CCG if you would prefer.

We will then include this feedback in review meetings with our providers or when we come to transform or re-procure a service.

Over the past year we have engaged with patients and public on a number of significant proposals including the relocation of Ravenscroft Medical Centre, the decommissioning of Cricklewood walk-in service and the development of a new crisis café for Barnet.

When planning engagement on each of these proposals, our approach was shaped by lessons learned through evaluating this work. An example of this was modifying our approach to drop-in sessions when engaging on the future of the Cricklewood walk-in service.

Continuing to give us feedback allows us to continue to improve our processes.