In April 2013 NHS Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was established as a statutory public body under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

NHS Barnet CCG has developed a constitution which describes how the CCG brings its 64 member GP practices together to commission care for the residents of Barnet. 

The CCG is a membership organisation which makes clinically driven decisions that will give patients and their carers a voice and put them at the heart of the CCG’s work . 

Barnet CCG’s constitution sets out the powers that the member practices have decided to reserve to themselves as members of the CCG, and which powers they have decided to delegate to the governing body of the CCG and its committees.  It describes the governing principles, rules and procedures that the member practices have established to ensure accountability and probity in the day to day running of the CCG and to ensure that Barnet remains true to its mission which is:

"We will work in partnership with local people to improve the health and well-being of the population of Barnet, find solutions to challenges and commission new and improved integrated pathways of care, which address the health needs of the population of Barnet."

Barnet CCG involved all of its member practices in designing the constitution and was approved by the local medical committee (LMC)

Barnet CCG reviews its Constitution on an annual basis in order to ensure that it is up-to-date and also, reflects key changes within the organisation and its membership.  We are required to consult and engage both the 64 member practices, the Governing Body members and the Local Medical Council  if there is a proposal to amend the Constitution.  The changes to the CCG’s constitution are sent to the membership prior to the Annual General Meeting.

During the month of January to March 2015, we engaged with our 64 member practices on the proposed changes to our Constitution which will allow the CCG to enter into joint primary care co-commissioning arrangements with NHS England and the four neighbouring CCGs in North Central London.

The CCG Constitution below was approved by NHS England on 30 April 2015.  Work is presently underway to revise the CCG’s Constitution in line with the proposed implementation of Primary Care Joint Co-commissioning with four other north central London CCGs. This work is expected to be completed in time for submission to NHS England for further review and approval in September 2015.