Transforming care programme


We are committed to transforming care and improving services for children and adults with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, or those with a mental health condition. Our aim is to ensure that care is always safe and high quality, and that service users, their families and carers have a good experience of services.

We have set up a transforming care partnership in north central London to develop our plans together. North central London includes the boroughs of Barnet, Islington, Enfield, Camden and Haringey. Our partnership includes all the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local authorities in these five boroughs. We have set up a Transforming Care Partnership Board and Implementation Group (click here to see the governance structure). To help us shape our plans, we will be inviting people and their carers to join these groups.

The aim of the North Central London Transforming Care Partnership is to develop and implement a plan to achieve the vision and objectives set out in the Department of Health’s guidance: Building the Right Support. This national guidance is supported by a new Service Model across health and care that defines what good services should look like.

The transforming care programme will focus on addressing long-standing issues to ensure sustainable change that will see:

  • more choice for people and their families, and more say in their care;
  • more support to families and carers to sustain their caring arrangements;
  • more care provided in the community, with personalised support provided by multi-disciplinary health and care teams;
  • more innovative services to give people a range of care options, using personalised approaches, so that care meets individuals’ needs;
  • more early intensive support provided for those who need it, so that people can stay in the community, close to home; but for those that do need in-patient care, ensuring it is only for as long as they need it;
  • education services supporting young people to develop their independence and skills in preparation for adulthood
  • development of local resources so that fewer people are placed and/or educated outside of the area where they live; and
  • fewer young people and adults admitted to hospital.

What are we doing?

In north central London, we are committed to this programme to ensure that we support people to live rewarding and fulfilling lives in the community and prevent the need for long term hospital care.
Over the past few months we have been working together to develop our own three year plan in line with ‘Building the Right Support’ guidance. We have started by looking at our population and what services are currently available for people with learning disabilities and autism in north central London. Through this work, we have identified that we don’t have enough:

  • Support for people in a crisis or respite for their carers
  • Therapeutic family support
  • Local high quality housing and support services
  • Proactive positive behaviour support approaches in community teams and services to prevent the need for hospital care and to support families to keep children and young people within the family home.

You can find a bit more information about what we have found about our population and services here.

Our three year plan sets out how we will address the gaps and achieve our aspirations for transforming care, jointly across north central London. We will be looking at:

  • Commissioning services that prevent crisis and hospital admission, such as family support, crisis intervention and positive behaviour support
  • Improving our discharge planning processes by learning from good practice and implementing it in north central London
  • Developing the workforce – making sure staff have the right training and skills to better support people and their carers
  • Increasing people’s choice and control in the way their care is delivered, by using personal health budgets, personal budgets and direct payments
  • Looking at housing options – using innovation and shared frameworks across north central London
  • Working with organisations and providers to ensure there are high quality local services
  • Making sure we have really good contracts, in particular with hospitals and housing services, so that people using them are kept safe and that their needs are met
  • Making sure that services for children, adults and young people are joined up so that people get the right support as they get older
  • Making sure people have access to information, advice, guidance and support at the right time and in the right place
  • Improving processes for pre-admission care and treatment reviews and admission prevention registers so that professionals are identifying those at risk early enough to think about alternatives to admission.
  • Making sure education services support young people to develop their independence and skills in preparation for adulthood
  • Development of local resources so that fewer people are placed and/or educated outside of the area where they live.

By March 2019 we aim to reduce our use of hospital beds to care for people with learning disabilities and/or autism by 50%: from 41 beds to 21 beds in line with the ambitions set out in Building the Right Support.

Involving people in developing our plans

We are committed to involving users and carers. Over the next few months we will be speaking to people and their families and carers to help us co-design and shape our plans and services.

More information

If you would like more information about what we are doing as part of the transforming care programme, please contact us.