Urgent Care services (UCC)

Urgent Care, NHS 111 and Walk-in centres

There are significant pressures on the whole of the urgent care system, ranging from primary care to A&E and ambulance services. By working together, we will improve the quality, efficiency and resources in our urgent care system to ensure a safe, high quality service.

As national and regional trends for urgent care admissions continue to rise; combined with the projected increase in long-term conditions such as diabetes and respiratory problems such as COPD and asthma, we can see demand for urgent care is one of the key challenges facing the NHS.

By encouraging us all to use the right service at the right time, our aim is to develop an urgent care system which is safe, achieves good health outcomes, is easy to understand and use for all of our patients, families and staff.

So, there are now only three numbers to know: 999 for life-threatening emergencies, your GP surgery telephone number and 111. (NHS 111 replaces NHS Direct).